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Natural Solution with PRF & PRP

What are PRF & PRP?

Platelet-rich fibrin and platelet-rich plasma are naturally occurring components within your blood. Tapping into the body's natural restorative power, we can utilize PRF and PRP to aid the healing process from many dental procedures, such as implants and bone grafting. PRF and PRP is collected from your blood and turned into a clot which can be applied directly or mixed as needed. This boost to your healing process is fast, powerful, and natural.

The Benefits of PRF & PRP: 

1 Jump-start your healing process.

2 Experience less pain while recovering.

3 Speed up your healing in a natural and organic way.

4 Encourage the long term health of the affected area.

The Process:


Help you relax

Before beginning, our staff will make sure you have access to all of our spa amenities to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.


Collect the sample.

A tiny needle is utilized to draw the necessary blood. The blood drawing will be quick and careful to keep you comfortable.


Prepare the blood.

To access the restorative materials within your blood, the sample will be centrifuged which essentially causes the blood to clot. Once the blood has been clotted, we can use the clot directly on the impacted area or as a part of bone graft mixtures.


Experience the body's natural healing ability.

Whenever the PRF or PRP is needed in your procedure, the substance will be applied. The regenerative powers of PRF & PRP will encourage your body's healing process while lessening your pain in recovery. 

If you are considering PRF & PRP, schedule a consultation to determine the best restorative dental solution for improving your tooth function, oral health, and appearance.

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