Holistic Dentistry

A Natural Approach for Your Dental Health

Holistic Dentistry

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry considers the connection of oral care to your person as a whole both physically and emotionally. Throughout all care, we prioritize your comfort with every procedure and material used within your mouth. By directly avoiding chemicals and radiation, patients can feel confident none of the dental solutions have negative impacts or side effects. Regardless of your reasoning for utilizing holistic dentistry, we will care for you in a way which is both beneficial and natural.

The Benefits of Holistic Dentistry:

1 Avoid using chemicals which could have toxicity or side effects.

2 Feel confident about what materials are being used.

3 Manage your dental care in a way which prioritizes your emotional health.

4 Limit your discomfort naturally.

5 Improve your dental health.

Our Offerings:


Alternatives to Traditional Fillings and Mercury Exposure

Diamond crown/flow and zirconium are elements which can be utilized with greater safety.


Digital X-rays to Avoid Radiation

Using digital x-rays can limit up to 90% of the possible radiation exposure.



Natural remedies can control discomfort and encourage healing without side effects.


Emotional Support

We can help you manage your anxiety and discomfort through the reassurance and help of our trained and sensitive staff.

If you are interested in discussing holistic dentistry, schedule a consultation to determine the best restorative dental solution for improving your tooth function, oral health, and appearance.

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