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Newnan, GA

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Providence Dental Spa in Newnan, Georgia

We are changing how patients feel about dentistry. At our location in Newnan, GA, Providence Dental Spa combines exceptional dental care with comfortable spa amenities. Our dental practice provides a range of services from general family dentistry to life-changing cosmetic and restorative dentistry. We want to help patients overcome their past dental anxiety and embrace the relaxing experience of our dental spa.

Providence Dental Spa of Newnan is committed to caring for every patient with gentleness and compassion. We are focused on delivering the best experience for our patients, where they feel comfortable coming for help with their dental concerns. From the time you enter Providence Dental Spa, you will be warmly welcomed by our staff and encouraged to enjoy our spa amenities. If you have questions about our spa amenities, ask our staff for more information!

We are passionate about transforming smiles at our dental practice. Whether a patient needs a simple whitening or a full mouth restoration through our Teeth in a Day procedure, our dental team will build a customized plan to help achieve each patient’s goals. During your consultation visit, we will listen to your concerns and find out how we can make you comfortable. Our team will also evaluate your smile and oral health, so we can make recommendations to help you reach your optimal health and appearance. 

Staying on the forefront of technology is important to us. When we use the best equipment and practices, we can ensure our patients receive the care they deserve. Our team has access to state-of-the-art equipment for screening teeth and gums, creating restorations, and improving facial structure. In addition to traditional dentistry equipment, our dental practice also offers Botox and EVOKE, which can help with the appearance of your facial skin. Botox can also be helpful for patients suffering from migraines or TMD conditions. EVOKE is a skin tightening method that has been approved by the FDA to tighten skin without the downtime of surgery. We also offer relief for patients suffering from sleep apnea through customized oral appliances. The latest dental technology helps us care for our patients effectively, from implementing dental restorations to identifying dental concerns early on.

Our dental practice is led by Dr. Jason Mann, who established the first location of Providence Dental Spa in Macon, GA. He is joined by two local dentists from the Newnan community, Dr. Shrenna Clifton and Dr. Ray Corney. Our dentists are assisted by an experienced support staff who attend to patients’ needs attentively.

The highest rated and reviewed Dentistry in Newnan, Georgia.

Marcia Hurley | August 11, 2022

Wonderful, kind, friendly staff. Love Providence Dental Spa!

Holly Buckley | August 10, 2022

Modern office. Ourteous and caring staff. I always feel comfortable going there.

Mike Lawrence | August 10, 2022

My visit with Providence Dental is always a positive experience. The staff is always professional and the hygienist Erica, is very thorough. I have enjoyed doing business for years with. . . more.

Jerretta Jackson | August 10, 2022

Very professional Office staff and Dr Ray was very knowledgeable and very informative and polite, next appointment is scheduled.

Janet Lantto | August 10, 2022
Jennifer Marsh | August 9, 2022
Ken Rutledge | August 9, 2022

Fantastic staff, takes the fear away! Very understanding and patient. Never feel rushed or judged, very accommodating. First time in years that I have maintained a consistent cleaning schedule!

Rebecca Smith | August 8, 2022

I visit was great. Skyler did an excellent job. See y'all next year.

James Ray | August 8, 2022

I've had difficult experiences with dentists before but the staff at Providence Dental Spa are of a different caliber. They are very friendly and try to make sure I am. . . more.

Sarah Holton | August 7, 2022

They are the best. Real down to earth Dental business!

Mr. Satisfied | August 5, 2022
Glenn Rosen | August 5, 2022

Very friendly and professional team.

Lori Serrano | August 3, 2022
Myaa Earley | August 2, 2022
Diahann Chav | July 31, 2022

Fabulous Dentistry as always, but in addition, my elderly mother was treated with extraordinary care and respect-priceless!

Pamela MW | July 30, 2022

Great experience.. Loved the entire experience. Place was beautiful and clean. Hygiene at was great and the doctor was amazing as well!! Loved the care plan and the straightforwardness. Can’t. . . more.

Crystal West 102 | July 29, 2022
Vernon Woodall | July 28, 2022

Everyone was very nice and I felt very comfortable by it being my first time. Thank you Erica and Dr. Baker

Ann Calhoun | July 28, 2022

They always offer a comfortable, painless experience. I appreciate the small extras that help refocus what could be an anxious experience into a relaxing one.

Brandon Long | July 28, 2022

Absolutely the best experience ever!! I was treated like royalty. I have been bragging on this place all day to my family. I can't wait to go back.

Rendi Solis | July 28, 2022
Claude Martinez | July 27, 2022
Carl Tims | July 27, 2022

I always have a good experience there no matter what I am getting done. They are so friendly and professional. After my dentist passed away I was a little apprehensive. . . more.

Ronna Conley | July 27, 2022

Best dentist I’ve ever been too so far.

Jordan West | July 26, 2022

Your dental experience should be nothing less than pleasant.


We recognize that fear and pain are closely linked with dentistry due to poor past experiences. Our mission at Providence dental office in Macon, GA is to change your expectations and bring comfort to your dental visit. From the beginning, you will be warmly cared for by our staff members, ready to help or answer your questions. You will be offered spa amenities to ease your mind and maximize your experience. If necessary and appropriate for you, we also have sedation options which could alleviate your anxiety. We will discuss your needs and determine a personalized approach to prioritize your relaxation.


Before receiving any treatment at our dental center, our team will welcome you to partake in our luxury spa services. Our amenities can help ease your mind as you undergo your dental visit. Whether nestling under a warm blanket, trying a hand paraffin wax treatment, or optimizing your comfort with iHome headphones, you are invited to enjoy a personalized and rejuvenating experience.


Finding the right dental solution for our patients brings us immense satisfaction. Regardless of your budget, our team of dentist in Macon, GA will provide superior care which restores your smile's function and beauty. We will work with you to determine a dental plan which suits your needs.


At the core of Providence Dental Spa, we are passionate about dental restoration and revitalization. We have dedicated our lives to the cause of changing our patients' smiles and expectations. With every dental service, regardless of the scale, we provide the highest level of concern and care.

Combining state of the art dental solutions with spa relaxation, we are raising the standards and expectations of what a dental experience can be.
Embrace a dental transformation with your comfort as first priority.

Patient Success Stories

Joe Wilder

"My family and friends tell me I look 15 years younger. Providence Dental, in my mind, are miracle workers." Joe Wilder

Angela Sutton

"They are the most natural-looking teeth I have ever seen. My smile is amazing." - Angela Sutton

George Eason

"With my new teeth, I feel very confident. It's a whole different life experience." - George Eason


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