The TeethXpress™ Benefits for Replacing Your Missing Teeth

Eat the Foods You Love

  • Maximum chewing ability
  • Eat any foods you like
  • Better diet means better health
  • Teeth never move when eating

Improve Your Appearance

  • Look younger instantly
  • Smile confidently
  • Corrected facial structure
  • Vibrant youthful smile

Live a Happier Life

  • Improved physical health
  • New confidence improves mental health
  • Upgraded social life
  • Never feel insecure

The TeethXpress™ Benefits for Replacing Your Missing Teeth

Delaying tooth replacement can negatively affect your oral and general health. Common issues can include bone loss, pain, and infection.

BioHorizons dental implants create the security for your TeethXpress™ procedure. Your tooth function is restored by anchoring your new teeth with implants in the upper and/or lower arch of your jaw.

How Your TeethXpress™ Treatment Benefits from Using Dental Implants

Secure tooth replacement

Dental implants stay secure and will not fall out, move, or slip.

Strong bite

Your chewing and biting function will be stronger with dental implants.

Renewed smile appearance

Your facial features are impacted by missing teeth. Dental implants provide support to your face and lips.

Healthy tissue

Damage to your tissue can be caused by tooth loss. TeethXpress™ maintains healthy bone and gum tissue with the support of dental implants.

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